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We are not white slaves – Ecowas
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone, Timothy Musa Kabba, has denied the allegations made by the countries of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, which are under the leadership of the military regime, that the West African Union, Ecowas is under foreign control.
On Sunday, the three countries announced their withdrawal from the Ecowas organization, saying that the organization is under the control of foreign countries, is betraying its founding principles, and has become a threat to its member countries and their communities.
Kabba, who is part of the team that mediates between Ecowas and the military governments of the countries, told the BBC’s Newsday program that this allegation is not good, because Ecowas is intervening in the coup d’état in countries with the aim of providing a solution to this problem and ensuring peace, security and stability in the countries.
He added that “And we are not under the authority of any foreign agency to mediate between Ecowas and Niger authorities.”
The relationship between the group and the three countries has been strained after failing to reach a consensus on how to resolve the issue of coup d’état that was found among them.
The group imposed economic sanctions on them after the coup in Niger in 2023, Burkina Faso in 2022 and Mali in 2020.

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