Thu. May 30th, 2024
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The US military was killed in an attack on its military base in the Middle East
Three US soldiers were killed and dozens were injured in a drone attack on a military base near the Jordanian-Syrian border.
US President Joe Biden blamed Iran-backed militants for the attack. He added that “we will respond.”
Iran has denied involvement in the attack.
This is the first time an attack has killed American soldiers in the region since the Hams group attacked Israel on October 7.
Jordan said that the attack happened in Syria and not in her country.
There were some attacks on American military bases in the region, but before Sunday, there were no casualties, according to the American military.
So far, there is no information on who is involved in the latest attack.
President Biden said that the United States will punish those involved in the matter at the most appropriate time.
Iran has denied the accusations by the United States and the United Kingdom that it supported the militants suspected of carrying out the attack.
“These claims are made for a political purpose to distract attention from the current situation in the region,” as the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanaani, said, quoted by the IRNA news agency in Iran. reported.
The White House said that the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, along with other government officials, briefed Mr. Blinken on the attack.

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