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The Slander Brothers vs The 25th Fisherman by The Banks of The River Niger   Crown Court  Finsbury Park London 2023


The Hon Justice Steven WaZoBia Presiding


Did you meet anyone when you got to River Niger

Not really Sir

Was anyone there when you got there
just a few native fishermen sir

by a few how many do you mean ? we havent got all day in this court

about 25 sir

and how did you know it ws exactly 25 people

we asked them questions

questions like what the judge angrily said ???
like is this River Niger sir
so all 25 did not know from 1 to 25

they all kept nodding until one nodded and pointed to the river

so that last 25th man knew this was the Great River Niger ?


Answer Me Messrs Lander !
o blimey i guess so Sir

So i ask you for the last time

Did you discover the Niger

No sir

So we can safely say the 25th fisherman who nodded and pointed discovered the Great River niger ?

Yes Sir i guess so Sir
Case dimissed !

Excuse me sir said John Slander can we say We were the First Whitemen to discover River Niger ?

lying against People is WRONG ..they Never Discovered the Niger it was there all Along.Some Dudes were fishing lol



Other Slanderers & Liars Not Yet Brought To Justice



Richard Lander
Hugh Clapperton
Mungo Park
John Hanning Speke
Henry Morton Stanley
James Bruce
Joseph Thomson

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